Our Fleet

We mainly work with Mercedes-Benz. Other brands are available on request. Our vehicles are always the latest model. What you see on our site is exactly what you get when ordering our services.

Consistent quality. Our vehicles are hand washed twice a day. Vacuumed every day. You can expect only vehicles in prime condition.

Mercedes S-class

Limo Finland's limousine in Helsinki Limo Finland's limousine interior

When you need the most elegant presence. Great fit for executive rides, corporate quests, personal luxury or special events. Unmatched comfort combined with our prominent chauffeur at your service.

Mercedes E-class

Limo Finland's limousine in Helsinki Limo Finland's limousine interior

The everyday choice. Work from the comfort of the spacious back seat. Sit back and close your eyes for a quick nap in the tranquility of your own space. This model delivers quality at an attractive price range.

Mercedes V-class

Limo Finland's VIP van in Helsinki Limo Finland's VIP van interior

Great choice for a group of up to seven people. The backseats are arranged so that you can have a face to face conversation while traveling to your destination. The lang version provides plenty of room for luggage.

Mercedes VIP Sprinter

Limo Finland's VIP bus in Helsinki Limo Finland's VIP bus interior

When you are arranging a bigger event. 15 seats in our luxurious VIP Sprinters won't leave anyone cold. Standard equipment includes: WiFi, A/C, CD/DVD, seat belts, intercom and a fridge.

Coaches for up to 50 people are also available through our sales service or quotation page.